Pure Thought Forms
Pure Thought Forms
Pure Thought Forms

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So what are Pure Thought Forms or PTF's.

They find compassion for ourselves and eventually for others. Asking question to identify the root causes of patterns in people's behaviours. These patterns are created by trauma (physical mental emotional spiritual). PTF's can be viewed as an instruction manual for your subconscious reality. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

How Can working with PTF'S help you?

Everything in pure thought forms i've yet to disprove. PTF's are capable of applying to various everyday situations. The principle of PTF'S is that we are 100% responsible for everything we experience. My work is to help you understand the reason your reality is the way it is. PTF's are sayings that relate to everyday situations and they help you to see the following. What is actually going on in your current situation. Positive effects= Helps to promote self confidence and compassion. Negative effects= Brings up things that need to be addressed Neutral effects= Non-Judgemental UNDERSTANDING and ALLOWANCE allows FORGIVENESS which brings in COMPASSION.

About me:

My biggest lesson in life has been COMPASSION: learning to be compassionate regardless of what life has thrown my way. I've had to learn, sometimes painfully, to look at things from another person's perspective. By accepting my own traumas and patterns, I've been able to distill what I've learned in a form that can assist others on their healing journeys. I consider myself a highly attuned empathic soul and i use this to help discern the subtle influences in a situation. I look forward to helping you.


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Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Email: shaun@purethoughtforms.com.au